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May 08, 2009


Heilige Apikores

Rashi on Aseret Hadibrot strangely remarks that 'Anochi' - rather than the more common 'Ani' - is actually, etymologically, an Egyptian word. The significance of starting revelation with a non-hebrew word (cf. Freud's Moses and Monotheism and its exploration in E.Said's book Freud and the Non-European)

S. Carlebach once said that on erev shabbat at Boi Kala, we turn around and face the back because we are facing our past: to confront the last six days we've endured and all the shit we've done and embracing that, we enter shabbos...

Abraham Mezrich

Thank you so much for sharing that, H.A. (and a wonderful screen name, I should add). Fascinating that, according to Rav Carlebach, we confront the past at the climactic moment of "Boi Kalah" (and not, say, just at the beginning of Kaballat Shabbat). I wonder if there's another parallel there: the Egyptian blasphemer appearing immediately after the conclusion of setting up of the Tent / Mishkan, but just before we embark through the Desert; our embracing our past week just at the end of Licha Dodi, but before we really enter into Arvit.

(Or is that the point you were driving at all along?)

Kol tuv, ~a

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